Who Says Only the Originals Are Inspired?

A recent post on a forum stated:

?If you are really serious about your definition of the Word of God then you better burn your KJV and go find one of the original autographs. Only the original autographs can truly fit your definition of the Word of God.?

I?ve been waiting got see this in writing on this board so I?d like to comment on this popular ?doctrine?. But first, a few preliminary remarks about this "KJV" issue.

1. If some of you folks think we are just trying to win an argument so we can glory in our flesh you are sadly mistaken. If you really believe this is our intent then you misunderstand us. I think I can speak for most ?KJVO? folks on this. We desire to see others know that in their hands they can hold the very words of God without doubt (Gen. 3:1). By having this assurance it gives power and boldness in the Christian life. We desire others to have this confidence so they won?t be tossed to and fro in these last days of unbelief and apostasy. Do you think we enjoy the abuse? Do you really think we relish opening up this can of worms on a daily basis? We believe the MVs have created much confusion in these last days (I Cor. 14:33) and we would like to see it come to a screeching halt so there could be unity again.

2. Some of us folks have a true conviction about this issue of authority and God?s words. This conviction is based upon the power of knowing and having God?s words in our hands. Also, we can what has been happening since the MVs have come out ?a loss of real power, evangelism, and the work of God in saints? lives because they do not believe they have the words of God ? I Thess. 2:13. This has been a great deception Gen. 3:1. If you think today?s Christianity is as strong as previous centuries (1600?s-1900?s) then you need to brush up on your Church history! They basically had one book and did not question it like what is going on today.

Now with that let?s talk about this ?doctrine? of ?Only the Originals are Inspired or the True Word of God?

1. Where in any Bible does it say ?only the originals? are inspired? Who invented this doctrine and ?made it a fundamental of the faith?? Some of you folks are really hung up on this ?original? issue. Do you believe that if you had the ?originals? in your hands that you would get 110 volts of shock! Do you believe that if you had the real ?originals? in your pulpit to preach from that your ?baptism? count would go up?!?!? As God as my witness if I had the ?originals? in my possession I would lock them up in a safe and preach out of a King James Bible and not bat and eye! Some of you folks would put them in a display case and bow down before them and then charge admission to finance your youth?s softball trip to Six Flags Over Texas!

There is no verse in any Bible that say ?only the originals are inspired? ? someone dreamed that one up ? sounds good ? just not scriptural.

Now this next part some of you will scoff at ? some will say that is old stuff and some of you might say, ?That makes sense to me!?

2. In Tim. 3:16 it says: All scripture is given by inspiration?? If it is scripture it has to be inspired according to II Tim. 3:16. Don?t call what you have in your hands ?scripture? unless you believe it to be inspired. The ?Bible? says that if you want to call what you have ?the scriptures? then it has to be inspired. If it is not inspired then it is not scripture.

3. Look at II Tim. 3:15 ? Timothy had the scriptures ? according to vs. 16 there were inspired. Did Timothy have the originals? Of course not but what he had was inspired for the next verse says that the all scripture is inspired. Timothy had a copy of the scriptures and according to vs. 16 they were inspired and they were not the originals!

The ?scriptures? just told us that something other than the originals could be inspired.

4. Can the AV1611 be inspired? Why not? Who or what says they couldn?t be ? II Tim. 3:15,16 says more than just the originals can be scripture and thus be inspired.
Were the KJV translators inspired men? No.
Could what they have put down been inspired? Why not?
I do not believe they were inspired but what God had them put down was.

Don?t you believe God runs things? Don?t you believe that God works all things after the counsel of his own will ? Eph. 1:11? Don?t you believe God can control have his hands upon a 1611 Bible committee? You mean you don?t take the providential approach to history? Do you mean that God just let?s man run things on his own? Do you mean that you are putting your faith or lack of faith in the KJV translators, which were mere men?
THE 1611 TRANSLATORS WERE HOLY SCHOLARS AND HOLY MEN BUT MY FAITH IS IN THE GOD WHO CONTROLLED AND DIRECTED THE AFFAIRS OF THOSE MEN! No wonder why you folks keep using the translators as an excuse for faulty translating ? your faith is in men and not the Providential hand of an all-powerful, all seeing, all-directing God!

Again, we don?t care what you read or believe. But when what you read or believe or promote affects the work of the ministry down here then we have a duty to get involved to warn, DIVIDE, make war, instruct, encourage, EXPOSE, for the sake of others, (who desire to know), so that they can know what is going on here. Some of you folks don?t like final authority in your lives ? you want to be able to pick and choose. You want a way out if all possible. Could it be pride?

The bottom line ? We desire true saints to know that hey have the inspired word of God in their hand so they can be equipped to do the work of the ministry.

Some of us just happen to believe that we have the scriptures in our hands. Many of you don?t have the scriptures and by your own beliefs admit that.

1 Th 2:13 For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe.

If you don?t? believe what you have in your hands is the word of God it can?t work effectually in you. And guess what folks ? our work, as a whole, is not very effectual. Part of the reason is most saints today don?t have the scriptures and according to Heb. 4:12 there is where the power comes from today. Yes, the Holy Spirit does the work but the Spirit utilizes the words of God down here.

God bless