If there is no God, then evolution is true. There is no third choice.

Some say there is a god who used evolution. That kind of god, as you've noticed, is not worthy of a capital G. When the God of the Bible created everything it was very good. It was perfect. He got it right the first time. But the god of evolution used the saddest, most wasteful, random, haphazard, prolonged, painful and cruel process imaginable. Any deity that had to resort to it to create life isn't very bright, or isn't very powerful. I would contend that any deity that chose to use evolution, as it is commonly taught to children, is evil. The tiny god worshipped by some evolutionists isn't worthy of attention, since he/she/it obviously didn't care enough about us to do it right. Or couldn't. In any case, there is no god worth thinking of, if evolution is true.

If there is no God, then we humans are made of the same stuff as animals. We're here because of the same blind, mindless process that created tapeworms, cheetahs, and largemouth bass. The special worth we impart to ourselves is nonsense. We have technology, we have thumbs, but we're still just the latest link in the chain that started with slime. Coral build reefs, termites build mounds, and we build suburbs. In the Big Picture there's just no difference, if evolution is true.

If there is no God, then man is simply part of nature. It follows, then, that everything we do as a species is, in itself, natural. Nuclear plants, toxic waste dumps, deforestation, mountains of used tires, pig farm runoff, thalidomide...it's all natural. It may be inconvenient, true. It may be unsightly. It may be stupid. It may even be lethal and self-destructive. But it can't be "wrong" since right and wrong imply a moral standard. And yet, since moral standards can't evolve (they'd only get in the way, evolutionarily speaking), we can't have the innate moral standards we all do have without a standard Giver. And no one wants That.

If there is no God, then our concern for lower species is hypocritical. It's a waste of breath. If we are truly what evolution says we are, why should we not eat meat, hunt ducks, or drown dolphins in tuna nets? Why not wear fur, harpoon whales, or use rabbits and monkeys for agonizing medical research just so ten-year olds can wear eyeliner? So what if we wipe out entire species? Given enough time, won't another species arise to take its place? That's how WE got here, after all! And are WE not the fittest? Yes we are. Mustn't WE survive at any cost? Yes we must. So what's the problem, PETA?

If there is no God, then nothing is absolute. Nothing is really, truly for sure EXCEPT that nothing is really, truly for sure. Don't believe it? Try constructing an objective, moral standard without appealing to God. You can't do it. Words like morality, ethics, justice, fairness, faith, hope and love are of questionable worth if they have no objective [other-than-human] standard to define and support them. Think about it...without God, these are ultimately meaningless concepts developed by ultimately meaningless animals. Our greatest achievements, our highest aspirations, our loftiest thoughts are likewise no more meaningful, ultimately, than the squawk of crows or the chirp of crickets. As one evolutionist said, "A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy." If evolution is true, she's right.

If there is no God, then life--ugly, painful, horrible, disgusting, terrifying, cruel, unfair and boring though it often is--life is exactly as it should be. How could it be otherwise? Pain and death are the fuel and lube oil for the engine of evolution. We wipe out thousands of animals and nitwit celebrities weep into the mic. Umm...excuse me for pointing this out, but we deliberately extinguish the lives of uncounted thousands of our own unborn every year as retroactive birth control, simply for the convenience of the mother (and the father, if he's around), and liberal actors and politicians hold an swanky abortion party! Explain that to me, if you can.

But why stop there? Why not extinguish these disposable 'products of conception' AFTER they're born, if it's convenient to do so? Spare kittens, spare babies...what's the difference? Be honest: in the womb or out, if Darwin, Gould, and Dawkins were right, what is the difference?

Go a step further...old people getting in the way? Let's help them 'die with dignity.' Better than what happens to them in the wild, after all. The deformed? The retarded? The imperfect? The big-nosed? Cull the herd. If we're going back to nature, let's go all the way. Let's be consistent! We have no sound reason not to...if evolution is true.

If there is no God, then survival of the fittest is all that counts. Right and wrong are determined solely by whichever animal is strong enough to impose its will on other animals. So if we're nothing more than highly evolved animals, we're still animals. How can we say the Columbine killers were wrong and keep a straight face? How can we condemn the deaths caused by John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, or Jack the Ripper? How can we say the Salem witch trials were wrong, and mean it? Or the Roman gladiatorial games? Or the genocides of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot? (all four of whom were godless men who used evolutionary thinking to their advantage, by the way) How can we say these things were wrong? "Because human life was lost," someone invariably says. So? Isn't that evolution at work? Isn't that life?

If you believe in evolution, you cannot morally condemn the genocidal madmen of the last century because THEY were living in a manner consistent with what they believed...with what YOU profess to believe. Nor can you rationally have sympathy for their victims; if what happened to them should happen to you, would it be "wrong"? No, it's just evolution at work. You're weaker, they're stronger. Sure, you could resist. You could object. You could scream. You could fight. But you could not morally condemn because an evolved animal is still just an animal, and no animal has moral high ground from which to make moral judgments. All your moralizing is noise. You're just several pounds of chemicals falling victim to another collection of chemicals. Dust to dust...literally, if evolution is true.

If there is no God, then "thou shalt not kill" is only the opinion of an evolved ape. Live by it, or don't - in the long run it doesn't really matter. All the world's creeds, religions, codes and philosophies are equally worthless, since they were all started by equally worthless evolved apes. Even the death of Jesus meant nothing...He was, after all, just an evolved ape nailed to a cross by other evolved apes, if evolution is true.

We reap what we sow, as individuals and as a society. The Establishment has taught kids for years that they're just advanced animals. No purpose, no meaning, no hope, no future, no salvation (nothing to be saved from!), no heaven, no hell, no God. It has been drummed into their heads by Saturday cartoons, by Bill Nye, by Jurassic Park, and from third-grade science textbooks. Schools and universities are evolutionary indoctrination centers. The Media perpetuates and defends the myth. Heretics are to be ridiculed, ignored, or silenced. It is 2003, yet it is 1984: questioning the state religion of Evolution is thought crime.

Do you believe in evolution? If so, are you shocked when kids walk into schools fully armed, shooting up the place, laughing, glorying in their cruelty, acting like beasts and loving it? Are they not merely fulfilling their evolutionary indoctrination, their anti-life programming? Are they not, in that sense, good students? They're not murderers--"murder" implies right and wrong, but without God, there is no right or wrong. There's "kill" and "death," but the word "murder" is meaningless. They're being exactly who and what they've been brainwashed into thinking they are. Because without God, literally anything goes.

If you choose to bow at the altar of evolution, and yet you believe in the concepts of right and wrong, then I know something about you: You are inconsistent. I don't say that to be nasty; I only point out the fact that because you have not followed your declared religion out to its logical outcome, you know you are living in a manner inconsistent with what you claim to believe (and, truth be told, you probably don't even want to do so). Is that not the essence of hypocrisy?

I do not believe for one second that evolution is the cause of all the world's horrors. It's just a symptom. The real problem is SIN--the refusal to acknowledge God as He is, and the refusal to acknowledge ourselves as He says we are.