Greek, Hebrew, and ?Originals? Confusion

My two cents worth on this subject:

1. How do you know that the Greek or Hebrew you are referencing matches the originals?

2. Since there are many Greek and Hebrew texts and lexicons how do you know which one is the most accurate?

3. Has anybody seen a copy of the originals?

4. If somebody put the ?originals? in your hands how would you know they really were or not?

5. If you had the ?real? originals in your hands would you understand it anymore than what you have now?

6. Have you mastered what you have now?

7. Do you really believe that knowing a few Greek or Hebrew words (or many) that this makes you more apt to get understanding than someone who does not know any Greek or Hebrew?

8. Do you have an absolute final authority?

9. If you do have an ?absolute final authority? then what is it ? your professor, your lexicon, your ancient manuscripts, your church or church traditions, the Dead Sea Scrolls, a modern translation, AV1611, or you?

10. The average American today (including myself) has a hard enough time understanding 5 th grade English so why are you going to an ancient and difficult language to get more ?light??

11. Do you really think God would hide ?great nuggets? of truth in a language that 99% of the people don?t understand and never will?

12. Is farmer Jones sitting on his tractor out in his fields working for a living unable to get the ?deep nuggets? because he doesn?t know the Greek or Hebrew?

13. After 380 years of astonishing spiritual success of the In James bible why would you even want to contend that the Greek and Hebrew is superior?

Just a few questions for thought!

May God bless!