The Biblical Charismatic Movement

by Duane Gallentine

(1 Corinthians 1:22 KJV) For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:
(1 Corinthians 14:22 KJV) Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them (the remnant in Israel) that believe, but to them (the majority of Israel) that believe not: but prophesying (the preaching of the Word with understanding for edification, exhortation, and comfort) serveth not for them (lost Jew or Gentile) that believe not, but for them which believe (the One Body of Christ)."

REASON why the Body of Christ got Israel's sign gift program was NOT for a continuation and the norm until the catching away of the Body, but......

  1. To declare to unbelieving Israel (majority) that God had judged her to be like the unbelief---Rom 11:30-32/1 Thess 2:16.  With the introduction of the sign gifts to the Body of Christ, Israel in her prophetic program had stumbled, fallen, was being diminishing, was casting away for a season of Gentile Grace, and was blinded.  This activity of God towards Israel happened from Acts 9-28.
  2. To reveal to believing Israel (the remnant or Kingdom Church of Acts 2 with the Twelve apostles) that God included the gentiles under His powerful working without Israel in Kingdom glory.  This was  was contrary to Prophecy.....these are things hard to be understood, Peter writes--2 Peter 3:15-16
    1. God did it with a different MESSAGE called the Gospel of the Uncircumcision.    
    2. God did it with a different MESSENGER; Paul the apostle--Rom 11:13; Eph 3:1-6; 1 Tim 2:6-7;   2 Tim 1:10-11
  3. To authenticate that MESSENGER and MESSAGE    
    1. Signs of an apostle--2 Cor 12:11-12    
    2. More signs than any one else--1 Cor 14:18    
    3. Greater labor than any apostle--1 Cor 15:8-10
  4. To establish the education and edification process of the New Creation: the Body of Christ church.
    1. To Validate the correct doctrine--1 Cor 14:37
    2. To bring the Word of Truth unto a one book form--2 Tim 3:1