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The preaching  of  the  cross,  Christ and him crucified,  redemption through  the blood of Christ,  the forgiveness of sins. Christ  made to be sin for us,  that  we might  be   made  the  righteousness
of God in  H im. God has  reconciled  the world  unto himself, not  imputing  their trespasses unto  them; therefore, not  the   baptism  with  water  unto   repentance, but  forgiveness of  sins   through
the  finished  cross   work  of  Christ. In this, the  Dispensation  of the  Grace of God, all  whosoever  will, can  simply  BELIEVE on  Jesus Christ  for the  TOTAL  and  COMPLETE FORGIVENESS
of  ALL  sins.  God is  willing to see  ALL men  and women   SAVED,  and  NONE  to perish,  but He will  not force any to   be SAVED.  We  all  have  the   FREE  will  and  choice, and  upon  that,
God  allows us to chose to believe on or reject  Jesus Christ  His  Son.

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